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About Me

Alletha Skolowec

Custom  designed garments are not something I produce, it's something that I  create for both myself and my clients. As long as I can remember, I have  had a passion for designing and creating trendy fashions.  It started  when I was small learning to sew on my great-grandmother's sewing  machine.  Fashion design classes in high school set the foundation for  learning everything I could about sewing and design.  I spent years  perfecting my craft and creating beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind  pieces for clients. Now I am the principal designer, dressmaker, and  tailor for my company Ribbons & Zippers, R&Z Junior and R&Z  Couture.


Ribbons & Zippers, R&Z Junior, and R&Z Couture

At R&Z our  aim is to create what you want.  We aim to bring out the very best in  your style by interpreting your needs.  We work one on one with  our clients to ensure that you get perfect fitting garment tailored just  for you.  In our Boutique, you will find limited edition and one of a  kind pieces that are dynamic and stylish.  We try to incorporate our  core values of quality and style in every collection.  

Since  2006 R&Z has gone through magnificent changes.  We started out by  producing children's wear that was designed for special occasions.   After receiving positive feedback and inquiries about adult sizes, we  introduced two new lines in 2015.  R&Z Junior was created for pre-teens to young adults.  R&Z Couture was created for Men and Women with an  elegant flair. 


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